Art Wynwood Festival Continues To Thrive In Its Third Year

It’s Friday afternoon and, oddly enough, it’s chilly in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. The sun is close to finishing its shift and transitioning to a more appropriate backdrop for a weekend full of art, as the full moon begins to make an elegant appearance in the sky.

Over the weekend, Art Wynwood saw all sorts of beautiful people walk in and out of its pavilion, be it tourists, local artists, hipsters, your original hippies from way back when, students or art connoisseurs. The art festival kicked off with a VIP preview with complimentary cocktails on Thursday, February 13 and culminated on Monday, February 17. Galleries from all over the world came to exhibit their masterpieces at the third edition of Art Wynwood.

Some of the most appreciated works of art during the weekend were those of artist such as Speedy Graphito, who has become known for his exploration of commercialism and references to pop cultural images and icons such as Mickey Mouse and Super Mario.

Speedy Graphito

We also witnessed politically-motivated art such as the works of Cuban painter F. Lennox Campello. Lennox exhibited artistic critiques of political issues such as Guantanamo Bay, drone strikes, the idolization of Che Guevara and superheroes trapped in Ziploc bags.


Other interesting artworks were those of Canadian artist Harry Enchin that took us back in time. Enchin finds old photographs and takes a picture of the exact location and brings the two together in a photographic collage that contrasts the two moments.

Harry Enchin

And one of the most interesting uses of art was that of Alex Queral who uses phonebooks to carve out faces and give them a three-dimensional quality.

Alex Queral

By seven o’ clock, guests started leaving the pavilion, hopped in their cars and headed out to the Bakehouse Art Complex a few blocks away for a VIP party. A $10 donation gave the general public a space to enjoy complimentary cocktails, crepes and live entertainment.

By Roberto Garcia

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