Reel Talk: Toronto’s Best Movie Performances

Because of its lower shooting costs and metropolitan atmosphere, the city of Toronto has gained a reputation as a popular shooting location for major movie productions. Having earned the nicknames Hollywood North and Broadway North because of its connections with US entertainment industries, Toronto is one of the most diverse actors working today.  Here are just some of the productions that showcase Toronto’s talents.

Robocop (2014)

Reel Talk Toronto

Robocop’s New Detroit was actually Toronto!

The recent remake of the seminal 1980’s satire Robocop used Toronto as the backdrop for both New and Old Detroit.


reel talk toronto

Hannibal’s creepy locations are all Toronto

The super-creepy prime-time crime drama Hannibal stars Toronto as Baltimore, Maryland and other locations across the United States.

Mean Girls

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Mean Girls small town charm is Toronto native

While the Plastics may look like they’re taking over Evanston, Illinois in the movie Mean Girls, they are actually shooting in Toronto, with the University of Toronto acting as the local high school.

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