@HiddenCash, The Hunt for 100 Dollars in San Francisco

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In San Francisco, a real estate millionaire looks to spark up a new version of hide-and-seek by hiding envelopes filled with $100 cash throughout the city. Using the twitter handle @HiddenCash, this generous mystery man provides clues as to where the envelopes are hidden; for example: “A couple new drops in SF today. Hint: Hope the sea lions don’t get it.” Being in the top 1%, he describes this as an easy task for him as he looks to give back to the community that helped him earn his fortune. This is also a great way to engage San Francisco residents in a fun and rewarding game as each person looks to solve the clue and claim the prize. He hopes to expand this scavenger hunt to other cities including LA.

In a very familiar anonymous manner, ‘tipsforjesus’ leaves upwards of $1,000 in tips for unsuspecting waiters and waitresses. After each dining experience, the anonymous donor fills in the generous tip, takes a picture of the receipt and posts it to the Instagram account @tipsforjesus. The restaurants frequented are college town establishments and the tips seem to appear on the respective school’s football game day. These random acts of kindness never fail to put a smile on the faces of recipients and witnesses alike.

If you are still looking for a place to go for summer vacation, we suggest San Francisco; participate in @HiddenCash’s hunt for the Benjamins, and who knows, it could be your lucky day.

By Jordan DeSantis

About the Author : Fernando Bendana