Nicolas Cage lost “ghost front property” in NOLA


In 2009, Nicolas Cage lost the infamous LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans to foreclosure.  Listed for $3,550,000, the haunted mansion is notorious for its horrific history.

This massive home was first bought by socialites Delphine LaLaurie and Dr. Louis LaLaurie in 1831.  Mrs. LaLaurie was disreputable for severely abusing her slaves.  The slaves endured gruesome abuse, mutilations, and were reportedly caged and chained to the wall. Eventually, a fire swept through the home and the city found out about the cruelty. The LaLauries fled New Orleans after being attacked by the city’s residents. Afterwards, the home had a variety of different uses, including a saloon, a school, an apartment building, and a furniture store. Each left the property after reports of hauntings. Recent renovations revealed that beneath the wooden floor, there lay bodies that are said to have been buried alive.


With this in mind, it’s astonishing Nicolas Cage would even consider buying the home.  According to Cage, not only was the architecture of the mansion beautiful, but its eerie history was also very appealing.  He explains, “…other people have beachfront property; I have ghost front property – that’s what I always say. I have not experienced anything, but I like a bit of mystery, and the house has such a mystery to it. Some of the stories about it are pretty horrific.”

Furthermore, the haunted mansion in Disneyland inspired him to purchase this property.  He considers himself a “Son of Walt”, and the LaLaurie Mansion is his “childhood fantasy come true”.

Nonetheless, he lost the 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion to foreclosure.  Who knows who will be next to own and probably quickly disown these 10,000 square feet of spooks?

living room

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