10 Commercials to Get You Hyped Up for The World Cup

For one month every four years the world comes together to watch the most famous and loved sport in the world, Football. Just to prove our point we’ve compiled the best World Cup commercials that will put any Super Bowl commercial to shame. So, get ready to keep procrastinating that overdue project you have to turn in to your boss or teacher.

1. Beats by Dre

I know, the beginning conversation sounds like it came from Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”.

2. Argentina TYC Sports

3. Nike: Winner Stays

4. Addidas: I am Brazuca

5.  Addidas: The Dream

I had the same exact dream except when I woke up I noticed I’m not a professional player.

6. ESPN:Time Zone

7. Nike: Dare to be Brasilian

8. Pepsi: Now Is What You Make It

Now I feel all warm and special inside.

9. TYC Sports: Jogo Bonito

Typical of Argentinians.

10. KIA: Adriana Lima


Eyes here fellas.

By Roberto Garcia

About the Author : Fernando Bendana