10 Favorite Fashion Travel Tips

Fourteen photographers, designers, and other big names in fashion shared their best travel advice with Glamour. From that list we picked our 10 Favorite Fashion Travel Tips.

1. Jamie Beck

Fashion Fav Tips

Jamie Beck

“I never pack for rain because hotels usually have umbrellas they will loan to guests or you can purchase one on site.”

2. Erin Fetherston

Fashion Fav Tips

Erin Fetherston


“No matter the trip, my iPad, stocked with books and Scrabble, is the first thing I pack to keep me entertained.”

3. Chiara Ferragni

Fashion Fav Tips

Chiara Ferragni

“Always wear multiple layers while traveling. Sometimes it can be really hot or sometimes very cold. You need to be prepared for everything.”

4. Annie Ladino

Fashion Fav Tips

Annie Ladino

“Stick to a dark color scheme for your outfits. Black, gray, and navy are versatile and don’t show wear and tear. These colors also mix and match easily.”

5. Cynthia Rowley

Fashion Fav Tips

Cynthia Rowley

“Always pack a cotton or cashmere scarf. On the plane, I use mine as a sleep mask or blanket for my children. It can even be used as a sarong in warm-weather destinations.”

6. Reece Solomon

Fashion Fav Tips

Reece Solomon

“One of the most important travel beauty products I bring everywhere is Klorane Dry Shampoo. It’s a good time-saver and helps quickly freshen your hair.”

7. Rachel Roy

Fashion Fav Tips

Rachel Roy

“I always roll my clothes instead of folding them because it decreases the amount of possible wrinkles as well as saves space in my suitcase.”

8. Elisa Dahan

Fashion Fav Tips

Elisa Dahan

“To avoid seeing a giant mess upon opening your suitcase, always pack your toiletries in plastic ziplock bags.”

9. Alisa Gould-Simon

Fashion Fav Tips

Alisa Gould-Simon

“Pack a portable steamer that you can use to get wrinkles out of your clothes. You can get great ones for under $30 on Amazon.com”

10. Brit and Kara Smith

Fashion Fav Tips

Kara and Brit Smith

“Always fly with a good-luck charm. We’re pretty superstitious ladies and never fly without our dear friend Jennifer Meyer’s good-luck charm necklace. It makes us feel chic and safe.”

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