10 Reasons to Read Holiday Magazine

After a 37-year hiatus, Holiday magazine is back. Art directer Franck Durand bought the rights to the bi-annual publication with plans to expand the Holiday brand. If you’ve never seen a Holiday magazine, or you haven’t flipped through one since 1977, here are 10 reasons to pick one up.

Holiday Magazine

Holiday 1946 and 2014

1. Durand appointed notable fashion journalist Mark Beaugé as the editor-in-chief of the revamped publication.

2. Holiday magazine is a travel magazine that in no way resembles a travel guide. Holiday is about experiences, not where to get the best seafood in the city.

3. Holiday is a mixed magazine. It covers travel, fashion and even has a recipe in the comeback issue.

4. Café Holiday is in the works in Paris and, according to their website, will have the magazine’s “conception of lifestyle,” and “its appetite for pleasure.”

5. The aesthetic style of the magazine is more polished and restrained than the original, making it more accessible to modern tastes.

6. Even though Holiday magazine’s “heart is French,” it is published in English to make it more international.

7. As popular as it was during its first run, Holiday has been largely forgotten since. Holiday is an absorbing piece of history that deserves a following.

8. The magazine has a history of famous contributors like Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote and William Faulkner to name a few.

9. Holiday is continuing the practice of sending out writers and photographers to destinations to report on their experience from their point of view without “constraints of style, objectiveness or length.”

10. The new Holiday will have the same spirit and energy that made the original such a success.

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