Perfuming Memories: Hotel Scents and Fragrances

Pictures are fine mementos, but if you really want to keep the memory of your dream vacation alive, you need some reminders that employ your other senses. Our take? Scent is a great way to enhance a memory.

Like how your mom’s perfume smells just like your childhood, a scent from the hotel can put you right back into your vacation. If the hotel had a room spray, try spraying the same scent in your bedroom at home. Even the fragranced soaps and shampoos the hotels provide will do the trick; stash some in your luggage before checkout.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Costes

Photo courtesy of Hotel Costes

Some hotels make it easy by filling the room with a signature scent and then packaging it so customers can buy and take them home. The Hotel Costes in Paris made their scent into candles and perfumes so guests can relive their stay in Paris at their own abodes.

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