Vacationing with Jewelry: How to Keep Your Precious Gems Safe While Travelling

When going on vacation, the easiest and safest thing to do is leave our jewelry at home, but we would never do that. We want to see the sights, look sparkly and have the best time ever. So here are five tips to minimize incident when travelling with jewelry.


1. Keep your jewelry organized. Jewelry jumbled together can get damaged and chains can get tangled into oblivion. Keep your jewelry in separate cloth pouches, or in a small plastic jewelry organizer with pockets and zippers.

2. The less jewelry you bring, the smaller the chance of accidentally leaving something behind when you return home. Try bringing only the rings that you wear every day and would feel naked and lost without. Bring one necklace and a few of your favorite pendants to switch out when the mood strikes you.

3. Never, ever, ever leave jewelry unattended. That’s pretty self-explanatory and obvious, but not even in hotel rooms and rental cars should fine jewelry go unattended.

4. If you absolutely must bring your emerald necklace and diamond tiara because you plan on crashing the queen’s ball, make sure you check into a hotel that has safe deposit boxes available.

5. If you are bringing especially expensive pieces, make sure to have them appraised and insured before you get home. If they get lost or stolen, you’ll be reimbursed.

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