How the Richest People in China Enjoy Dinner

Some millionaires are getting way too creative for their own good, especially when it comes to having dinner. A new trend is rising all over the world among the richest, and that is to eat your food while being suspended hundreds of feet up in the air from a crane. The most recent ‘sky dine’ was about a week ago in China, when a dining table seating 22 people was lifted about 165 feet off the ground in Shanghai, with diners enjoying a meal with the view of the Lujiazui financial district.

As previously mentioned, this is not the first time it happens. The “dinner in the sky” was first introduced by Belgian entrepreneur David Ghysels in 2004 and organized by the local Four Seasons hotel.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

The price tag for this extravagant culinary adventure in China? A stifling $1,430 per person, and that doesn’t include the 15% service fee. Lunch is much cheaper, ringing in at $622, while afternoon tea costs $303 (according to the Shanghai Morning Post).

These are some of the dinner options the restaurant offers:

  • French black truffles with mixed vegetables
  • Caviar with shrimp and broccoli
  • Pan-fried Iceland sablefish and seasonal vegetables with vanilla and watermelon
  • Foie gras in black vinegar with rhubarb and strawberry jam

By Roberto Garcia

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