Europe’s Best Island Destination: The Madeira Archipelago

When you think of Europe’s islands, you may tend to think of somewhere exotic like Ibiza or Mykonos. But we’ve been wrong for quite some time now. The World Travel Awards has just named The Madeira Archipelago Europe’s best island destination.

Madeira is off the coast of Morocco and Portugal. This island has everything to offer, from (obviously) beautiful beaches and natural pools to hiking adventures and cozy towns. Now we understand why it beats the likes of Santorini, Menorca and even Ibiza.

Natural Pools

There’s no reason to have a pool in your backyard in Madeira, Portugal, since there are natural pools all over the island as a result of previous volcanic activity. Don’t worry, the volcano has been inactive for years.

Europe's Best Island

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Europe's Best Island

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The levadas throughout Madeira take you around lengthy scenic hikes, so get ready to be really involved with the great outdoors if you decide to make Madeira your next summer vacation.

Europe's Best Island

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Views of Madeira’s coastlines can be seen from basically anywhere on the island. This was probably an important factor when it came down to the voting for Europe’s best island destination.

Europe's Best Island

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Great Spirit

Residents are said to always be in a festive spirit. Maybe it’s thanks to the constant sun and their beautiful beaches.

Europe's Best Island

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The Beaches

Madeira is sure to become one of the most visited islands in Europe (or Africa, depending how you see it) in the near future.

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