Where The Rich Vacation

Being rich and famous is the only thing many people want out of life. Heck, we’re told that’s what we have to aspire for since we’re young even though others have no problem settling for a bit less. Even though we can’t all be famous, we can be rich (or at least make it look as if we are). While you’re standing in line at the supermarket you glance to your left, a tabloid magazine catches your eye and you see that Hollywood stars are spending their vacations in a posh island like Ibiza or Madeira. As the cashier starts ringing you for your groceries your brain goes full-throttle and makes the assumption that to be happy you must go to those exact same places as they do so you can achieve happiness and feel rich. Well, not exactly. The really rich go to other places that are more culturally fulfilling. You’d be surprised, thanks to our colleagues at Brown and Hudson’s research on where the rich prefer to vacation.

1. Tromsø, Norway

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This would be the ideal honeymoon vacation for any couple. Seeing polar bears, being pulled in a sled by huskies and getting the chance to be mesmerized by the Northern Lights.

2. Peru

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It’s got a lot to offer. Adventurers can take hikes to Machu Picchu, beach-goers can travel to Mancora and foodies can enjoy ceviche or a lomo saltado (for meat lovers, only).

3. Patagonia

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It’s more accessible than ever for anyone who wants to visit Argentina, thanks to the favorable exchange rate that you get in the South American country. We advise everyone to visit at some point in the near future since much of the snow and glaciers are melting quickly due to global warming.

4. Puglia, Italy

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We would have expected Venice or Rome to be on this list rather than Puglia. But, visitors come for its beautiful beaches and exotic cuisine that comes with a mix of Roman and Greek influences.

5. Brazil

Photo Courtesy of City-photos.org

So much to do in so little time (depending on how much vacation time and cash you’ve got). The World Cup was hosted there this year and we got a chance to see what a wonderful place it is — and  how much of a disaster it has turned out to be.

6. Kenya

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The rich love their safari. No doubt about that.

7. Uganda

Photo Courtesy of Adventure Life

Seriously, what’s up with the rich and their obsession with safari? Haven’t they ever heard of a zoo?

8. Mozambique

Photo Courtesy of Phys.org

No, no safari here. Mozambique offers some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and tropical wildlife.

9. Bhutan

Photo Courtesy of Molly Hodges Hollings Worth

Bhutan enforces a daily tariff on tourists so only the rich can really afford this trip.

10. Vietnam

Photo Courtesy of Vietnam Kratom

Luxury hotels are on the rise in Vietnam and the wealthy are taking advantage of some of the offers and experiences that they offer.

By Roberto Garcia

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