SLS Vegas Opens its Extravagant Doors

SLS Vegas, the first major casino resort to open in Vegas in years, has everything and is everything.

SLS Vegas

Hotel Lobby

There is no exaggeration when we say SLS Vegas has everything. Even with all of the awesome things to do in the city, guests never actually have to leave the premises for a full Vegas experience.

The standards of dining in Vegas are high and SLS Vegas went all out to meet them. On the long list of restaurants guests can enjoy are The Griddle Café, Ku Noodle, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria and more. There are two restaurants that we’re particularly excited about.

Cleo has Mediterranean-inspired food and old Hollywood inspired décor, evident by the larger than life picture of Liz Taylor in her Cleopatra getup.

SLS Vegas


SLS Vegas is also home to Bazaar Meats, a reworking of Bazaar by the James Beard award-winning Chef Jose Andres.

SLS Vegas

Bazaar Meats

Along with a 60,000 square foot casino, SLS Vegas has three night life concepts to add to the entertainment options.

LiFE, a 20,000-square-foot mega club, Foxtail and Foxtail Pool club for night and day partying, and the second location of The Sayers Club can all be found on site.

SLS Vegas


The most impressive element of SLS Vegas is its style. This is one sexy resort and casino. How sexy? Lenny Kravitz and Kravitz Design Inc. were commissioned to design a collection of suites for the resort. Though not on the Kravitz portfolio, our top pick suite to stay in is a Lux suite.

SLS Vegas

LUX Suite

LUX is an all-suite hotel with Classic French inspired, lavish design. It’s calling us, we can hear it.

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