The 10 Most Eccentric Hotel Amenities

Now you’ve read before about the five hotels that are nominated for the most innovative guest experience by Virtuoso Magazine. But, you haven’t read about the hotels with the most eccentric hotel amenities. According to CNN these are the wildest hotel amenities some hotels have to offer:

Fragrance Butler

Eccentric hotel amenities

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

Upon arriving at any Rosewood’s city hotels, guests can call the concierge requesting cologne and perfume and in a few minutes a butler will be gently knocking on your door carrying ten fragrances to choose from on a silver platter. Fancy.

The Tanning Expert

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

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We kid you not. The Club Hotel & Spa in the Channel Islands provide “Sunshine Butlers” that polish your sunglasses, apply sun lotions on your back, provide you with iced towels and watermelon according to CNN Travel.

A Bird That “Pops The Question” For You

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

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Yeah, when you don’t have it in you to speak the words and owl named Dingle flies his way to you with an engagement ring around his neck. The Irish hotel is named Ashford Castle and it’s a 141-hectare property.


Eccentric Hotel Amenities

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Whoa there! Relax, this the only time you want to be kidnapped. It’s probably one of the most eccentric hotel amenities on this list. The Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji kidnaps its guest at some point during their stay without warning for a surprise picnic at a waterfall or a cave. Never has a kidnapping been so romantic as this.


Eccentric Hotel Amenities

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The Benjamin doesn’t have the actual sandman come in the middle of the night. But it does have a sleep expert that consults you on how to sleep. The expert also helps kids go to sleep and then rewards them by giving them a certificate for sleeping well. In that case I deserve a five foot trophy.

Your Chariot Awaits, My Lady

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

Photo Courtesy of Happy Trails Carriage

In Tianjin, China the Ritz-Carlton was built to resemble a British palace. Sure, the “Royal Wedding Package” that includes a Rolls-Royce entrance, free-flowing champagne shower, a royal wedding cake and a ride on a carriage, according to CNN, is quite impressive. But wait until you hear how much it costs to ride on the carriage for thirty minutes. A mere $8,100 so start saving up.

Dr. Dolittle

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

Photo Courtesy of Listal

This most eccentric hotel amenities list keeps getting weirder. Hotel deLuxe offers pet psychologists for dogs and their owners so they can learn how to better connect with each other. The hotel company also offers acupunctures and Reiki treatments for the pets.

Manta Hotline

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

Photo Courtesy of Discovery

Manta Rays are one of the sea’s most beautiful creatures. Luckily, during June to November guests can sign up for the “Manta-on-Call” service that lets guests know where the most recent sighting of the sea creature has been and the hotel escorts them there via speed boats. This so far only takes place at the Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavu at Baa Atoll, Maldives. Probably  the best of the most eccentric hotel amenities.

Finding Nemo?

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

It’s not really Nemo himself, but a goldfish. Upon request guests can enjoy the company of a stand-in pet. So far they only offer goldfish. Why? Because according to CNN, research indicates that these aquatic friends help us calm down and lower blood pressure.

Guitars “R” Us

Eccentric Hotel Amenities

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At the Chicago Hard Rock Hotel & Resort guests can pick any of the 20 Fender guitars that they have until they check-out. If you don’t know how to play the guitar don’t worry they have an instructor that can teach you. If guitars aren’t your thing, then don’t worry. They also offer a program for aspiring DJs.

By Roberto Garcia

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