Top Ten Hotels of 2014

We completely understand that you might not rely 100% on what you read about which hotels you should be picking, and that’s fine by us. Lately, people rely mostly on customer-based review apps to find the best services around, and we can’t blame you. Most times people hear about how great something is it’s because of marketing, but not this time. These are the top ten hotels according to Travel + Leisure Magazine voters for the past 19 years.

10. Taj Lake Palace, India

Top ten hotels of 2014

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At this hotel all guests get waterfront views so there won’t be anyone left out without a decent view. Also, what makes this hotel more extravagant is that it can only be accessed by boat since it happens to be in the middle of a lake.

9. Oberoi Udaivilas, India

Top Ten Hotels of 2014

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What used to be a royal palace, the Oberoi now rests at the foot of a lake with a beautiful view. Guests can also request one of the nine premier rooms that come with a private pool. Upon request, guests can also enjoy camel and elephant rides, a puppet show, a personal chef and a private astrology session. It also has one of the best pools in the world.

8. Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

Top Ten Hotels of 2014

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Located in the Kruger National Park Area guests can enjoy going on safari, tracking adventures, fishing, all day waking expeditions, yoga and massage sessions to unwind after a long day out in the wilderness.

7. Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa

Top Ten Hotels of 2014

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Also in Kruger National Park, Singita features beautiful safari adventures. For those that prefer intimacy we recommend getting the boulder lodge that comes with its own pool and private outdoor showers & baths. Apparently, people really do enjoy their safari (or the hotel services are actually extraordinary) which would be a decent reason why this hotel is also on the top ten hotels list.

6. The Langham, Chicago

Top ten Hotels of 2014

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Offering gorgeous views of the Chicago skyline from floor to ceiling at the Mies van der Rohe IBM building, the Langham is well-known for its incredible guest service. What’s most surprising is that this hotel is on the list for top ten hotels even though it recently opened in July 2013.

5. Ocean House, Rhode Island

Top Ten Hotels of 2014

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The Ocean House has recently been renovated its property with a cost of $146 million. Last year it also made the top ten for Best Beach Resorts. There certainly must be something about this place that takes it to everyone’s top ten lists.

4. Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Top Ten Hotels of 2014

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The Southern Ocean Lodge offers panoramic views of Kangaroo Island thanks to its floor to ceiling glass windows throughout the entire hotel.

3. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest

Top Ten Hotels of 2014

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According to CNN Travel, it once used to be a an apartment complex during Hungarian communist rule, but it has now been renovated to be a hotel for $125 million.

2. Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Top ten hotels of 2014

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The 16 villas are located next to Arenal Volcano and each of them come with their own pools. Guests can enjoy horseback riding, ATVs and water rafting among many other things.

1. Triple Creek Ranch, Montana

Top Ten Hotels

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It’s an adults-only retreat in the mountains so you can enjoy your vacations without any crying and whining from children. Some of the activities the ranch offers are scenic hikes and tours over Yellowstone National Park.

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