Tour Odeon: The World’s Most Expensive Apartment

Monaco, the destination that all James Bond villains visit on holiday. It’s also the inspiration for a cruise ship with its own Formula One track inside. But the reason it’s making headlines again is because the world’s most expensive penthouse is popping up there. The apartment is housed in Tour Odeon’s luxury residences.

The apartment costs just a bit over $397 million. The 560-foot building is expected to be finished by next year. The penthouse apartment comes with its own slide from the living quarters to the private infinity pool.

Tour Odeon will also feature an additional 70 apartments with several pools, a health center, in-house caterer and a 24-hour concierge service. It’s also expected to be the first of many skyscrapers along the coastline of Monaco, since Prince Albert overturned his father’s decision to prohibit construction of skyscrapers along the coast.

Check out what Tour Odeon is expected to look like:

About the Author : Fernando Bendana'