The Pyramid of Luxury Brands



Yes, there are rankings even among luxury brands. From a Starbucks latte to a Graff diamond, the pyramid is always there, defining you and your style. Here’s a pyramid of power created by Rambourg, showing us how products rank in accessibility from Champagne to Leviev.

Of course, it’s all about accessibility. Once a brand becomes easily accessible (almost regardless of the pricetag), it looses serious luxe cred.

“Louis Vuitton has become too ordinary,” a billionaire woman told China Market Research Group managing director Shaun Rein in 2011. “Everyone has it. You see it in every restaurant in Beijing. I prefer Chanel or Bottega Veneta now. They are more exclusive.”

So what you really want is something no one really knows about, unless they’re on your level. Obscure luxury brands are all the rage. Gucci is no more; even Rolex is crossing the accessibility line these days.

About the Author : Elsie Sing


Elsie is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; her writing has appeared in a few university publications, under tables and on the sides of trains. She likes taking Polaroid pictures and planning rooftop picnics.